Party Hire

I am also available for events and parties. Make your event or party stand up. Nowadays more and more people get interested in tarot, crystals and other witchy stuff, so when they meet a person who knows a lot about this they get all excited.

So if you want to have something or someone special for your event, you can hire me and let me entertain your guests. Be that short tarot readings or interpretations of their dreams or signs they see, any questions they have. People tend to get very talkative around spiritual workers because they love mysteries and no-one will judge them for any questions, they can be themselves completely.

They will be leaving your event or party in a great mood with pleasant memories. (My energies have that effect on people)

It’s a perfect activity for B’days and Hen Parties.

It can be a large group of people or a very private event or retreat.

Even if it’s just yourself and you feel like you need a spiritual weekend break, don’t hesitate to contact me and we can organise that. I work with people from all over the world.

Having to work years in the event organising industry here in London, I can assist you with the organisation process too, especially if you are coming from another country and not familiar with the venues here in London.

Get in contact and we will discuss any detail you want for your event!